Become a Minimalist Family

In my life before minimalism I was chasing the American dream. Designer products filled my walk in closet, an electric vehicle sat in my driveway, and a white picket fence surrounded my idyllic suburban home.

Then one morning in a rushed panic to get the kids to school, I was looking for my daughters doll. It was nowhere to be found. As I braced for the toddler meltdown, just in the knick of time I found the doll on my kitchen island. It was so obscured by junk that I had totally missed it during my several trips to the kitchen that morning.

At that moment it dawned on me. We had too much stuff. Our important things were hidden amongst junk that was supposed to make me happy. I had crafted a life that looked perfect from the outside but was hell on the inside. There had to be another way.

Pre-teen white girl reading a book titled How to Teach Your Kids About Minimalism

Minimalist Kids

Kids are calmer and more creative growing up in minimalist households. Too many toys lead to anxiety and superficial play. Limiting the number of toys advances a child's quality of play and fosters creativity. Quality toys and quality time are much more beneficial to children than the quantity of toys.

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